Thug Punches 92-Year-Old Woman in the Head, Keeps Walking (VIDEO)

Police are now looking for a young black man after he walked by an elderly woman with a walker and brutally punched her in the head, knocking her to the ground.

Security footage shows the man walking down the street in Manhattan last Friday when he punched a 92-year-old woman in the side of the face. You can see her fall to the ground and hit her head on a fire hydrant.

He can be seen looking back, but he doesn't stop.

Thankfully the woman is expected to recover.

I just want people to think about this for a minute. If that were a white man and an elderly black woman, there would be country-wide outrage and protests. They would say it's racism and oppression. Stores would be looted and businesses burned down.

However, since the man was black and the woman was white, the protestors and rioters don't blink an eye. It doesn't fit their narrative.

We don't have any proof to say that this was a racially motivated hate crime. But then again, there is no proof to show that George Floyd's death was racially motivated.

Yet here we are, with thugs burning down their own cities over the death of a career criminal. See my point?

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