Pepsi Has Company as Second Most Popular Soft Drink in America

Dr Pepper has long trailed Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Now, it has tied with Pepsi for the No. 2 carbonated soft drink spot. This data is from Beverage Digest and was shared with The Wall Street Journal.

The classic versions of Dr Pepper and Pepsi are now equal. However, the overall Pepsi brand, which includes Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero Sugar, is still the No. 2 soda trademark.

Consumers are switching from regular Pepsi to no-calorie versions more and more.

Coke remains the leader with over twice the volume of Pepsi, according to WSJ.

Dr Pepper has gained attention from viral social media videos. TikToks of people making Dirty Dr Pepper are popular.

Tying with Pepsi, which has held the No. 2 spot since at least 1985, is a big win for Dr Pepper. Coke and Pepsi dominate the $97 billion US soda industry, WSJ noted.

PepsiCo also has food in its portfolio. It made $18.3 billion in revenue in the 12 weeks ended March 23.

Coca-Cola’s revenue was $11.3 billion through the end of March. KDP’s Q1 net sales were $3.47 billion.

“Our focus has been on growing our Pepsi Zero Sugar, which aligns with our business strategy. That’s where the growth is in the category,” a source from PepsiCo told The Post.