Woman Scratches, Punches 12-Year-Old Boy in the Head for Carrying Trump Sign

On Monday, a 12-year-old boy in Colorado was scratched and punched in the back of the head by a woman on a moped for carrying a Trump sign while riding his bike.

According to the boy's father, Jesse Rosales, the woman said "You want something to look at?" and then started hitting him several times. Police confirmed that she used a closed fist assault him.

Daily Mail reports:

The suspect is described as a white female in her 20s or 30s wearing a tan jacket, a blue shirt and blue jeans. She was riding a gray or blue moped.

The case is under investigation and no arrests or citations have been made.

The boy said it wasn’t the first time he’s been attacked for showing support for Trump, but it’s the first time he had been attacked by an adult.

He said he was holding the sign between his arms as he was riding his bike and the woman 'just looked at me and laughed' when she initially passed him.

'I like showing what I believe in. I didn’t want any conflict – I just wanted to show what I believe in,' the boy said.

The boy said he’s now apprehensive to show his support for Trump.

 'Just don’t attack people ‘cause what she did to me – that’s not okay.'

People are crazy! He is just a child! Imagine if that would have happened with a kid carrying a Biden sign, or better yet, an Obama sign! The left would lose their minds! Yet they are okay with attacking children.

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