Pete Buttigieg's Attempt to Prove Black People Like Him Fails Miserably

All of the Democrats seem to be laying the blueprint fow how to not win the primaries. Count South Bend Mayor and 2020 Democrat hopeful Pete Buttigieg in that group.

Buttigieg put forth a pathetic effort to prove black people support him.

This may have been even worse than Hillary Clinton pretending like she takes a bottle of hot sauce with her everywhere she goes.

Wow! Talk about embarrassing.

So instead of proving he has black support this turned out to be a total sham. Many of the people on the list had no idea who Pete is. Then many more of them were white.

But wait, there's more...

The Buttigieg camp used a stock photo from Kenya to promote its Frederick Douglass Plan for Black America.

Oh and it just keeps getting worse.

They did a pathetic job of explaining how this happened:

So they didn't opt out of supporting Pete? Here's a better question: Did they even know they opted in?

This keeps getting funnier.

Just when you think it can't get any worse, it keeps getting worse and worse for Mayor Pete.

The Democratic hopefuls are a competition as to who can be the worst. As soon as one outdoes the rest someone steps up and says "hold my beer!"

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Which Democrat candidate will step up next and do something completely stupid? Our money is on Joe Biden. He hates being outdone, especially when it comes to stupidity.