PHOTOS: Woman Gets Kicked Out of Gym For Having Breasts Too Big

A woman has taken to Facebook after she was "body shamed" and treated unfairly by her gym. She was asked to change clothing after her tank top was deemed inappropriate thanks to her having breasts too big.

Rose Nickels accused the Motiva Gym in Ottawa of "humiliating" her after they took an issue with what she was wearing.

She took to Facebook to attack the gym. She wrote:

"Today, I was instructed by a Supervisor at the club that my tank top was inappropriate dress and is offensive to both the staff and other members.

"That at Movati they have a dress code stating only appropriate gym attire and modest clothing is to be worn."

rose nickels

Her top was similar to one worn by many women at the gym. There was only one difference between her and the other: her massive breasts.

"After asking every woman at the club who I could find on the way out if my attire offended them and they responded no, it became clear that the only ones offended were the two women supervisors working at the club today," Nickels complained.

"I pointed out to them that my shirt was no different than any other woman's shirt. They informed me that it did not matter that due to my chest size I could not wear a tank top."

She even shared a photo of the gym's advertisement showing the women wearing tank tops.

Woman Gets Kicked Out of Gym For Having Breasts Too Big

A spokesman for the gym responded and said they are looking into the issue:

"At Movati Athletic, we strive daily to create an atmosphere where all our members feel welcome, feel comfortable and feel healthy. We ask members to be respectful of each other when in the gym, to include wearing modest athletic attire and appropriate shoes, limiting cell phone usage and keeping the facility clean.

"It is important to us that all members have a positive experience at Movati, and we take their needs and feelings very seriously. As such, on Saturday when some members of our gym voiced complaints regarding Ms. Vecchio’s attire as it made them feel uncomfortable and was seen as being contrary to our dress code policy our staff assessed the situation and spoke to Ms. Vecchio.

"While in no way did we intend to embarrass her, we did feel we had to address the issue. We are still looking into the matter, and would be happy to sit down and speak with Ms. Vecchio in more detail as we continue to investigate the incident."

So what exactly was she wearing that the gym made such a fuss about?

She posted photos of what she was wearing at the gym when this went down:

Woman Gets Kicked Out of Gym For Having Breasts Too Big

This is pretty crazy if you ask me. She is wearing standard gym attire.

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