Newly Elected Democratic Rep Who Called for Trump's Impeachment Offers Half-Hearted Apology for 'Distraction

Newly elected Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) took some serious heat for calling for President Trump's impeachment in a profane manner. In response she has issued a very weak apology in which she stopped halfway through it.

The freshman congresswoman stood in front of a crowd of her supporters and yelled “we’re going to go in and impeach the motherf**ker,” while they responded with cheers.

Before her weak apology she responded on Twitter saying that she "will always speak truth to power." In another tweet she said, “This is not just about Donald Trump. This is about all of us. In the face of this constitutional crisis, we must rise.”

When Tlaib was asked by reporters about the vulgar comment that put her squarely in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, she responded that she's “a person that’s authenticly me.”

“I don’t want anything that I do or say distract us,” Tlaib said to reporters. “And that’s the only thing that I apologize for is that it was a distraction.”

President Trump slammed Tlaib's comment calling it “highly disrespectful to the United States of America.”

Below is the initial video where she said, "We're going to go in and impeach the motherf*cker."

The vulgar call for impeachment isn't the only thing Tlaib is under fire for. She also met with Linda Sarsour, which brings up another set of issues considering her indirect support of anti-Semitism.