Politico: Dem Insiders Predict Sanders to Win Nomination

According to Politico, Democrat insiders are calling the primaries in favor of socialist Bernie Sanders. This honestly doesn’t surprise me though. Although the Senator has been quieter than sleepy Joe Biden and fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren, he is still pretty popular among millennials. Many of them actually believe that Hillary Clinton cheated him out of the nomination during the 2016 election.

For months the Vermont senator was written off by Democratic Party insiders as a candidate with a committed but ultimately narrow base who was too far left to win the primary. Elizabeth Warren had skyrocketed in the polls and seemed to be leaving him behind in the race to be progressive voters’ standard-bearer in 2020.

But in the past few weeks, something has changed. In private conversations and on social media, Democratic officials, political operatives and pundits are reconsidering Sanders’ chances.

Democratic insiders said that they are rethinking Sanders’ bid for a few reasons: First, Warren has recently fallen in national and early-state surveys. Another factor, they said, is that he has withstood the ups and downs of the primary, including his own heart attack. At the same time, other candidates with once-high expectations, such as Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Beto O’Rourke, have dropped out or languished in single digits in the polls.

Stand up comedian Kate Willett tweeted, “At this point, the biggest predictors of supporting Bernie Sanders are age and income, so when you say you “hate Bernie supporters,” you’re really just saying you hate young people and poor people. And while I believe that you feel that way, it’s weird to admit out loud.”

The 78-year-old seems to have a loyal following. It’s actually quite disturbing how many people want free things rather than work for it. As a millennial, I truly wish the people of my generation would look at places like Venezuela, where Socialism has ruined everything.