Popular Republican Governor Refuses to Rule Out 2024 Presidential Run: 'We're Focused on 2023'

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin avoided addressing questions about a potential 2024 presidential run amidst whispers suggesting that he is being nudged to vie for the GOP nomination.

While supporting Republican candidates in the upcoming statewide elections, Youngkin mentioned to Fox News Digital at a Manassas, Virginia gathering that his team and he are "focused on 2023" and emphasized that there's "no confusion" regarding which election holds paramount importance in 2023.

"The most important election in the nation, I believe, is Virginia this year. We are laser focused on holding our House, winning our Senate and getting [state Senate candidate] Bill Woolf and the other great Republican candidates elected," Youngkin said.

"We have demonstrated that you can take a state that was really so much headed in the wrong direction and redirect with commonsense, conservative principles and leadership and policies," he continued. "We can take a state that was near the bottom, and put it near the top. Folks, this is so important for us to do and that is why I have nothing else in my mind other than 2023."

When questioned about the individuals urging him to join the packed 2024 presidential primary, Youngkin expressed gratitude for the acknowledgment of Virginia's conservative successes. However, he refrained from answering subsequent questions regarding a potential late entry into the 2024 contest.

"I meet lots of people and I'm always so humbled by the fact that people are encouraging us to do what we're doing in Virginia outside Virginia," Youngkin said. "But we're focused on Virginia, and what is so nice is that people appreciate what's happening here. And what we are doing is exactly what we said we're going to do. We have lowered the cost of living, we have backed the blue, we have re-established excellence in education. It works, it works," he added.

For several months, there's been buzz regarding Youngkin's potential bid for the GOP's 2024 presidential nomination. Yet, the well-regarded conservative governor has consistently downplayed and brushed off talks of pursuing a higher position.

In May, during a Wall Street Journal event, when questioned if he would join the presidential race "this year," Youngkin responded with a "no."

Before his May statements, a hint that Youngkin might be sidestepping a presidential run was evident when two of his primary external political advisors aligned with the super PAC backing Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

In 2021, Youngkin's electoral triumph galvanized Republicans across the country. It was then that he narrowly defeated former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, marking the first time in twelve years that a GOP candidate clinched the gubernatorial election in Virginia, a state which once teetered between parties but had leaned Democratic in recent years.

In the previous year, Youngkin became a sought-after political figure, traveling coast-to-coast supporting his Republican peers on the 2022 campaign journey.

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