President Trump Threatens to Pull Federal Aid for California Wildfires

President Trump dished some harsh criticism to California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday morning. He suggested unless the state improves its forest management system there won't be any more federal funding to take on the wildfires.

The Sunday morning tweets from President Trump called Newsom out for doing a "terrible job of forest management."

This was the first time President Trump has made a significant statement about the wildfires since late October when the Kincade Fire burned up close to 79,000 acres. Trump suggested that he will not be getting any more federal funding to help stop the wildfires.

Governor Newsome responded by taking a shot at President Trump for not believing in climate change.

Just three days ago Newsome took to Twitter to thank President Trump after FEMA approved funding to help with the fires burning in Southern California.

President Trump gave some insight on how California should be managing these massive fires.

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California is a state that craves a lot of federal funding, so it would be wise for Gov. Newsom not to burn all of his bridges with the Trump administration.