Professor: Pandemic Could be 'Quite Useful' in 'Eliminating the Elderly'

It is starting to feel like we are living in some sort of dystopian movie. One that we watch and then sigh with relief because it could never actually happen...right?

However, here we are, facing the possibility of a society that no longer cares about the value of life. As the coronavirus ravishes the world, many countries have turned to less ethical means of dealing with the issue.

Activist Mommy reports:

In Italy, beleaguered doctors have been faced with the task of determining which of their masses of patients will receive lifesaving care and which could be deprived of treatment.

In the United Kingdom, which has not been hit quite so hard as its southern European neighbor at this point, one health expert is committed to looking on the “bright side” of a pandemic.

According to the Daily Mail, Professor June Andrews, a former Scottish government official, made this controversial statement in a meeting with Holyrood’s public audit committee earlier this month.

While she admitted that her optimism regarding the death of what Ebenezer Scrooge might call “the surplus population” sounded “horrific,” Andrews insisted that it was an honest assessment of the consequences of a coronavirus pandemic.

“If you’re on the board of a care home company, a pandemic is one of things you think about as a potential damage to your business because of the number of older people it’s going to take out of the system,” Andrews said.

“Curiously, ripping off the sticking plaster, in a hospital that has 92 delayed discharges, a pandemic would be quite useful because your hospital would work because these people would be taken out of the system," she continued.

While she claims that her statements have been taken out of context, I am not so convinced that's the case

According to Nursing Standard, the focus of Andrews’ statement was that more social services were needed to safely get elderly people out of hospitals and that “this mess is only going to increase unless something radical is done.”

“Most of what I said at the meeting was that the politicians should stop blaming NHS managers for failing, because their task is impossible,” Andrews added. “So someone took the phrases and presented me to the world as advocating ethnic cleansing of the elderly.”

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