Proof The Wall is Working. Mirgrants Try and Fail to Scale New Border Wall, Flee Back to Mexico

It has been proven all over the world that walls work. Hugary, Israel, Turkey and even Mexico has a wall. Nancy Pelosi has a wall protecting her backyard. Yet she campaigns against the United States protecting their border with one.

In case you don't believe that the wall on the United States southern border is working we have proof the wall is working.

Proof the Wall is Working

These migrants were unable to scale the wall and decided their best option was to head back to Mexico. The video shows two people trying to enter the country illegally before being caught by border security.

This would have never happened if the old wall was still there. An old, dilapidated wall in San Diego was replaced by the Trump administration.

The good news it that there is even more wall coming.

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The wall works. They are used all over the world to protect the borders of everything from countries to yards to the fence at a baseball park. Why is it so hard for the left to understand that a wall will most definitely help keep illegal immigrants out of this country.