Put Those Away, Grandma! Shocking Photo of Nancy Pelosi Surfaces

Gas in California has soared to over $6 a gallon. Inflation is up over 8 percent. The Democratic base is in shambles after the recent rulings by the Supreme Court.

So how is Nancy Pelosi responding to this? By taking a waterfront stroll near the beach in Italy with her hooters on full display.

She's doing okay for an 82-year-old but despite that, no one wants to see this!

So besides her trip to Italy, how else is Pelosi responding to the overturning of Roe v. Wade? By begging for money, of course.

“I asked you Monday. I asked you Tuesday. I asked you Wednesday. I asked you Thursday. I’m truly sorry to ask you again today,” Pelosi said in a fundraising email last week. “But my team just informed me we failed to meet yesterday’s FIRST End of Quarter Deadline since the Supreme Court’s ruling. I won’t sugarcoat this. If I don’t reach 1,387 more gifts before midnight to close the budget gap, it will be the single most devastating setback for Democrats’ chances of winning this election and protecting women’s reproductive freedoms nationwide.”

Twitter was appalled by the photo of Pelosi surfacing.

C'mon Nancy, no one asked for this. Let's not make this a habit, please!