RED FLAG: Washington Man Has Guns Confiscated After Posting 'Joker' Memes Online

According to authorities, a 23-year-old Washington man had several guns confiscated as part of an "extreme protection order." This was after he made alarming social media posts about the movie "Joker."

Investigators were made aware of his tweets last week. On September 26 he tweeted a photo of himself holding two AK-47s. It cam with a caption that said, "One ticket for joker please."

U.S. officials had issued warnings to watch out for mass shootings at the movie, which opened up last week.

It's another example of Red Flag laws infringing on our Constitutional rights. There is no due process involved. They simply come in and take away your guns based on an "extreme protection order."

After the guns are taken away it's a very difficult process to get them back. It's a very long process to get them back and it can end up costing a lot of money.

Investigators claimed that he had "disturbing" posts about women in 2017. Who defines what is a "disturbing" post against women?

This is crazy.

Red Flag laws allow authorities to take a deep look at your life, while having no context, and then make a quick decision on who you are and take away your rights.

There are Red Flag laws in states like California, Oregon and Washington. it is important that a federal red flag law does not happen.

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This man posted a joke on social media and had his guns confiscated. Just one example of the power the government has been given in certain states.