Cuba Bans Sale of Alcohol to Keep People From Celebrating Castro's Death

There have been 9 days of state sanctioned mourning of dictator Fidel Castro. Cuba bans sale of alcohol to keep people from celebrating Castro's death.

Cuba Bans Sale of Alcohol

The mood in cities in Cuba appears to be somber. This differs from Little Havana in Miami, which is home to Cuban exiles and their families.

Authorities had to take care of drunkards who were all over the pier in Cienfuegos. This was reported by 14Y Medio. They reported that there have been some detainees. This is one city where the sale of alcohol was first banned. Soon after the ban was extended to the rest of the nation and it will last for nine days.

In the city of Holguin there was a similar experience with the banning of alcohol. Calixto Garcia Park was closed down from vehicular traffic. Additional to that, all cultural activities were suspended.

Cuba Bans Sale of Alcohol