Report: Children Given Flu Vaccine at School Without Parental Consent

Several parents in Sanford, Maine are outraged as they claim that their children were given flu shots at school without their consent.

In social media posts, the parents are speaking out and demanding something be done. One parent stated that her child has not received the shot twice, and another said that her child was administered the vaccine even though she never returned the permission slip.

News Center Maine reports:

One parent tells NEWS CENTER Maine his 7th-grade daughter received a flu shot at school even though he didn't sign the consent form. He said he also indicated she once had a reaction to the vaccine.

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“I was upset I was more than upset," said father, George Kimball. "[My daughter] had the paper in her hand she asked me if I signed her up for a flu shot and I said no and she says I got one.”

According to Sanford Superintendent Matt Nelson, an investigation is underway to find out if the claims are true and if so, how it happened. Nelson says there might have been an issue with protocols and procedures that weren't followed.

“Our biggest responsibility is the safety of our students. We partner with an outside agency to administer flu shots. We do require parental permission for flu shots,” Nelson stated. “[We] became aware that there might have been an issue with protocols and procedures that were not followed completely. So, we began [an] investigation.”

Nelson says the district, which partners with an outside agency to administer the shots, does require parental consent.

Nelson says they are looking into the claims so they can make sure the schools have the necessary protocols and checks and balances in place, such as the additional steps that might have to take place to make sure that the permission slips are in place to administer the shots.

Flu shot vaccine permission slips are sent home with students in the beginning of the school year paperwork for parents to sign.

“In an attempt to always try to make things easier, to get the best participation rate we can, we include this [form] into the beginning of school paperwork," Nelson added. "It may be a situation where they’ve completed it but then they realize what they’re doing and may not want to be able to give permission, or there may be something where a form is completed but there is no signature on it."

I can tell you one thing right now, if that was my child, they would have a massive lawsuit on their hands. That is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable. We do not vaccinate at all, and even if we did, we would NOT do the flu vaccine.

The school has no idea who has averse reactions or allergies to the flu shot. This needs to be thoroughly investigated.

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