Report: Jailed ISIS Terrorists Beg to be Sent Back to Britain

Big oof! Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists that are currently in Kurdish custody in Syria are begging to be sent back home in the West, according to a report by the Agence-France Presse (AFP). They were granted access to the Kurdish jail and published the inside look on Tuesday.

The jailed ISIS fighters are infected with diseases like HIV/Aids and hepatitis. In addition to the STD infestation, some of the injured have "organs spilling out of open wounds," the AFP said.

Hmph, I didn't know that goats had STDs.

Breitbart reports: 

According to Kurdish forces, the final territorial remnant of ISIS’s Islamic “caliphate” in eastern Syria was liberated in March when approximately 2,000 ISIS jihadists surrendered to the Syrian Democratic Forces, a U.S.-allied coalition largely made up of Kurdish fighters.

Since stripping ISIS of its control of its “capital” Raqqa in 2018 with the help of U.S. air support, Syrian Democratic Forces have continued in intermittent conflict with remaining jihadis still present there. Those under custody in northwest Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) are demanding to go back to the nations they abandoned to join the establishment of the caliphate.

The detained terrorists are teenagers and men who are reportedly made up of over 50 nationalities. That just goes to show you that people from many different backgrounds can be brainwashed.

“I want to leave the prison and go back home to my family. … I want to go back to Britain,” said 22-year-old Aseel Mathan.

“My organs are spilling out,” said Aballah Nooman, a Belgian national, who lifted his shirt to reveal an open wound he said he sustained from a fellow jihadist who accidentally shot him while cleaning his weapon.

Another terrorist admits to lying to his wife, and tricking her into traveling to the "caliphate" with the promise of vacationing in Turkey.

“I didn’t tell her, I didn’t want her to be scared,” Abdel Azim said, “I would like to see her again. They can hang me after that, I just want to tell her I’m sorry I took them in a country at war.”

While the sob stories are likely tearing liberals apart with their bleeding hearts, I do not feel sorry for any of these animals. They made their bed and now they can lay in it. They do not deserve to be sent home or to see their families. They deserve to be inflicted with the exact same sadistic pain that they have cause others.

I do not feel sympathy for them in the slightest.