Report: Teen Suspended for Calling Rainbow Altered American Flag a ‘Disgrace’

Big oof! A teenager at Kennebunk High School was allegedly suspended for referring to the school’s LGBT altered American flag as a “disgrace.”

The student, 17, reportedly walked into the school and called the flag a disgrace October 25, which is “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Day.”

His stepfather, Sean White, told 13 WGME, “He walked, not through the main entrance, but through the side entrance, and expressed loudly ‘That flag is a disgrace.'”

White added, “He didn’t threaten anyone, he didn’t swear at anyone, destroy property he just stated that he was offended by a disgraceful flag, the alteration of our American flag.”

The teenager was set to serve a one-day suspension. However, his parents went up to the school to speak with the staff and got the suspension overturned. Then, they were offered an apology for infringing on his right to free speech.

“They’re telling him that he has a right to free speech, but he may have offended someone, so in that case they have to punish him to relegate the fact that they’ve done something,” White explained. “Their stance is that had someone heard him, a student, a foreign person, a transgender, he may have offended someone which he hadn’t, he was heard by someone off camera.”

“They had to go to video camera to even know that my son was the one who said it,” he added, “For him to care about what he cares about his patriotism, the flag, it’s good, it’s what we’re missing in America.

“Please don’t take this as an anti-gay or an anti-immigrant or anything other than what it really is, in which is protecting our rights as Americans to speak our mind in a non-threatening, positive manner,” White concluded.

National File reports:

According to CBS13, the principle confirmed that the case had been closed.

Alterations to the flag are not illegal and are sometimes common for similarly themed events.

In Canada, a 17-year-old student was recently suspended for plastering a poster and refusing to wear an altered Remembrance Sunday poppy containing the LGBT rainbow flag, suggesting it was disrespectful to the dead.

The school allegedly confiscated the girl’s phone–after she had recorded her conversation with administrators over her suspension–and had been ordered to keep silent over the decision.

Sounds to me like his parents are raising him right!

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