Woke or Wack? Booker Creates New LGBT Term: 'Nie-Phew'

Yikes. Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker has created a new LGBT term and it's as cringe-y as you could imagine.

Booker, infamously known as Spartacus, is trying his best to be "woke" and relate to millennials. It's pathetic and sad, really. He is so busy trying to prove that he is a warrior for sexual orientation that he is completely missing the mark with real world issues.

He was so eager to prove his level of cool, that he created a new LGBT term while sitting down with Executive Director Maria Keisling, of the National Center for Transgender Equality: 'nie-phew.'

It is a mix of the words "niece" and "nephew" in an attempt to avoid marginalizing the two.

Life Site News reports: 

“Nie-phew,” a word which I cannot find on the Internet (not even on any LGBT sites that frequently traffic in the latest fads in woke-speak), is a word Booker uses to describe his brother’s child, a trans activist named Avery who identifies as non-binary. As such, “nie-phew” is a “combination of niece and nephew,” Booker solemnly told Keisling, who was definitely buying what Cory was selling. “[They] have helped their uncle be someone who is more aware of specific issues facing trans youth in schools today.” He used the word “they,” of course, not to refer to more than one person, but as Avery’s presumably preferred pronoun (it seems earlier in the conversation, though, Cory referred to Avery as “she”).

Booker said that his "nie-phew" was the one to spark his interest in helping the trans community. “I think that this is a moral moment in America and that the next president has to [be] someone that understands that there’s a restoration of the best of our values,” he said, “It has to be done from that office by elevating how we are rendering populations in this country invisible. Marginalizing them is just not acceptable to me. So I hope that one day very soon—let’s call it maybe less than two years—that Avery, my nie-phew, and other great trans leaders in the youth community have a seat at the White House to talk about issues.”

“For me, the fact that I could be in the Senate for a historic day like that, it really made me feel this jubilance to know that I got to be there for that moment,” Booker added.