RINO Romney Announces Vote to Convict President Trump

RINO Senator Mitt Romney is selling out his party, once again. I'm not sure why he doesn't just switch parties? Seems like it would save a lot of trouble and headache. Perhaps he likes being a wolf in sheep's clothing.

The Utah senator announced that he is voting to convict President Donald Trump for "abuse of power," adding that he violated the trust of the American people. He said that he has no choice but to vote to convict the POTUS.

“I swore an oath before God to apply impartial justice. And, as you know, I'm a very religious person. I take that very seriously,” Romney told The Salt Lake Tribune ahead of his vote. “And so I looked at the evidence in a very unbiased manner and concluded that that the president had done as was alleged — that he did ask a foreign government to interfere in the election, that he did pressure that government by withholding aid.

“That's as egregious an assault on the Constitution of our country,” he continued, “as I can imagine that a president might make.”

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

Romney said he will vote to acquit the president on the second article of impeachment, obstruction of Congress, because he doesn't believe the House took all the steps it needed to test the president's assertion of executive privilege covering witness testimony and documents sought in the inquiry.

No matter Romney's vote, Trump will be cleared of both charges later Wednesday, when the Senate takes up the impeachment articles after a trial of barely two weeks. With a 53-seat GOP majority, it was evident there aren't the 67 votes required to remove Trump from office.

Romney said he is probably ill-prepared for the fallout that his vote will spark. Still, he seemed at ease during a short interview Wednesday morning when he ticked off the reasons he found the White House's defense weak against a strong case for impeachment on the abuse-of-power charge.

“Given the oath I swore,” he added, “I simply have no choice but to honor my conscience and do what I believe is right.”

I love the fact that no matter what he chooses to vote, no matter what color he chooses to show, it will not affect President Trump.

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