Rumors Fly as Tucker Carlson Visits Moscow

The Kremlin is silent on whether Putin will meet with Tucker Carlson. The ex-Fox News host's Moscow trip is raising eyebrows.

Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin's spokesperson, remains tight-lipped about Carlson's rumored visit for a Putin interview. "Foreign journalists' movements aren't our concern," he stated.

Despite the speculation, the Kremlin has no updates on Putin's interviews with international media. Carlson's presence in Moscow has sparked talks of a potential meeting with the Russian leader.

A photo of Carlson at Moscow's Bolshoi theatre added fuel to the rumor mill. The former Fox News star has been seen enjoying luxury accommodations in the city.

Carlson aims to "talk to people and see how it’s doing" in Moscow, keeping mum on a Putin interview. His ambiguous response, "We’ll see," keeps speculation alive.

Carlson, once Fox News' top host, continues to influence through his "Tucker on X" show after his Fox departure. His alignment with Russian narratives, especially on Ukraine, has garnered attention in Moscow.

His commentary unwavering commentary has made him a voice the Russian media is willing to listen to. Carlson's past attempts to interview Putin were allegedly thwarted by the U.S. government.