Salvation Army Introduces New Technology, 'No Cash' is No Longer an Excuse Not to Donate

Amidst the chill of winter, as snowflakes dance in the air, you find yourself wrapped in a warm coat, fumbling in your pockets. Your fingers, numb from the cold, finally grasp your phone. You're about to engage in a modern act of charity, standing in front of a beacon of generosity amidst the hustle of holiday shopping.

Picture this: You've just exited a store, your arms laden with bags, perhaps from a recent holiday spirits purchase. There, glowing amidst the wintry scene, is the Salvation Army's tap-to-give station, a modern twist on a timeless tradition of giving.

You step forward, phone in hand, and press it against the sleek, digital placard. The screen prompts you to choose your donation amount - $5, $10, $20. Maybe today, you feel particularly generous and opt for a double-tap, donating $40. As you confirm your gift, a wave of gratitude washes over you, warming you from within.

This isn't just another transaction; it's a moment etched in memory, a testament to the spirit of giving. Your gaze lands on the red pole supporting the station, a silent sentinel overseeing this exchange of goodwill. In this moment, your phone becomes more than just a device; it's a tool for showering generosity, making it 'rain' in the most benevolent way.

@msparkman829 You aint got cash?!? Tap that card ???????? #tistheseason #givingheart #salvationarmy #taptap ♬ original sound - MsParkman ♍️

“You just have to pull a card out, walk by and with a one-second tap, your gift has been made,” Salvation Army rep Paul Deakins told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “Anytime you can reduce the barriers for people to make a gift, that adds an opportunity.”

“The excuse, ‘Sorry, I don’t have any cash’ doesn’t work anymore,” Dan Furry of the Salvation Army noted.

How about a one-dollar option, Dan? How much of the donation is Visa getting? If you feel the need to use this feature, make sure to keep an eye on your credit card statement.

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