Samuel L. Jackson Blasts ESPN for Their Coverage of National Championship Game

Samuel L. Jackson was not happy with the NCAA women's basketball championship game commentary. Most people loved the game, but not Jackson.

He watched the Hawkeyes and Gamecocks fight for the title. The game was good, ending in South Carolina's undefeated season at 38-0. Jackson liked the game, but not the ESPN commentary.

ESPN had two broadcasts: the game and live commentary by Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi. Jackson didn't appreciate either.

He criticized ESPN's podcast-style commentary on X. "Who TF @ESPN thought this podcast commentary is a good idea??!! I never knew I needed an ABC feed before!!!" he said.

Jackson also took issue with ESPN's ABC broadcast. He felt they focused too much on Caitlin Clark and not enough on the victorious Gamecocks. "It’s okay to talk about the team that’s winning, too!!!" he posted.

His tweets were direct and to the point, showcasing his frustration. If he added "motherf**ker" to his posts, they'd be perfect.