Santx: Liberals Push for Female or 'Gender Neutral' Santa

As if they hadn't already ruined enough with their nonsense and political correctness, the left is at it again. It doesn't surprise me though. Every time the Christmas holiday rolls around, liberals make it their mission to destroy any and all traditions and high spirits.

A new poll shows that there are people who actually want to make Santa either a female or a gender neutral party. They do not feel like he should be male. Why? Because there is an attack on masculinity and no male is safe.

If they had their way, Father Christmas would no longer be a jolly old man with a white beard and a big belly. I'm sure female or gender neutral Santa would also be vegan and hand out condoms to kids rather than gifts. That seems to be all the left is about: destroying gender norms, banning the consumption of meat, and teaching sex to children.

Mirror UK reports:

GraphicSprings, a logo creation company, polled 400 people from the US and UK about potential ways to modernise Santa, using the top suggestions to poll a further 4,000 people on how they envision him.

In total over one quarter (27 per cent) of respondents reckon he should be rebranded as female or gender neutral, according to 6 ABC.

Over on social media the results of the survey have had mixed reactions, with some claiming the idea is "ridiculous", while others don't understand the point in arguing over a made up character.

'Does it really matter what's underneath his red outfit?' Mirror inquired. I am here to say yes, it does matter. I would also like to point out that they literally asked if it matters what's under HIS suit. Oh the irony.

Arun Chandran, an Independent councillor for Newton Aycliffe in County Durham, moved to ban female Santa Claus impersonators from taking part in an annual winter parade last month, after two women volunteered for the job.

He said that the concept of a female Santa Claus was "a form of political correctness," adding that it was "a male role", according to Metro.

Even Piers Morgan has thrown in his two cents on the issue during an airing of Good Morning Britain last month. He said, "He's called Father Christmas! ... The world’s gone nuts."

You know it's bad when Piers Morgan agrees with us! The left can be obnoxious all they want, but leave Christmas ALONE!