Sen. Marsha Blackburn: New Mask Mandates an 'Overreach'

Senator Marsha Blackburn roasted Nancy Pelosi and others who are calling for renewed mask mandates, staying that they "obviously are not following the science and they do not believe in the efficacy of the vaccines."

"I think it's a bit of an overreach," she told Newsmax on Friday. "You are seeing (Speaker) Nancy Pelosi try to pull another power play. Bear in mind, since last March of 2020, what have we heard from these guys. They want lockdowns. They want you to wear gloves, to mask up, to socially distance."

She also noted that there are many concerns regarding the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

"What you're seeing is $575 billion in new spending, above the baseline," Blackburn said. "You're at $1.2 trillion in spending and not sure you're going to be able to pay for it. This is a bill that the cost is going to land on our children and grandchildren to pay for it."

Meanwhile, the infrastructure bill is likely to be a big issue with the upcoming midterm elections, as people are pulling back their support when it's learned the cost for the measure will come back to future generations and will cause tax increases.

"That is where people begin to say, 'Oh no, wait a minute, we've got too much debt,'" said Blackburn. "We need to stop some of this federal spending and get the spending under control.

"So we know that that is where the American people are. They want us to be fiscally responsible. They're very concerned about the way the Biden administration has forced this spending since they took office. I mean, they're 190 days into this term, and they're already pushing us up to $30 trillion in debt."

Also on Friday, Blackburn was asked if she believes the Biden administration is working with Border Patrol agents concerning migrants coming into the United States and the dangers of further COVID infections.

"What we do know is this there are people from about 160 different countries that crossed the southern border ... the vaccination rates are very low from some of these countries from where people are coming," Blackburn said. "We know that many of the people who are crossing are very sick. Some of them do have COVID."

"They are being sent by air and bus travel to come to cities around the country and we are quite concerned when you see this combination of occurrences, the low vaccine rates, the sickness of people that are coming," she added. "They're being sent around the country to different areas. We are very concerned with what this is doing to or adding to the uptick of the delta variant."

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