WATCH: Does Joe Biden Think He's Still VP and Obama is the President?

What a complete disaster. Someone needs to step in and stop this for the sake of embarrassment.

Does Joe Biden still think he's the Vice President and Barack Obama is still the President? It sure seems so in a recent interview in Iowa.

While speaking to an Iowa reporter and talking about environmental tax credits, Biden said that there are tax credits that "the president and I" want to put in place.

I think we can safely assume he's not having a discussion with President Trump about tax credits. It's pretty clear he thinks him and Barack Obama are still in office.

Does Joe Biden Think He's Still VP?

Biden is, at the very least, a very confused man.

Check out some of the responses on Twitter:

More on the story from Daily Mail:

Former Vice President Joe Biden suggested Wednesday in Iowa that he thinks he's still current Vice President Joe Biden, telling an Iowa reporter about environmental tax credits that 'the president and I' jointly want to put in place.

Rattling off a litany of green initiatives he wants to see rural America embrace, Biden said offering federal tax incentives would help nudge the nation toward a carbon-neutral future.

'It would also help people with housing, if you were able to continue to have what we propose, and I propose, what the president and I—' he said, before stopping himself. 

He continued a second later, saying Americans should 'have, you know, tax credits for insulating homes, tax credits for making all businesses – all buildings, you know – energy contained, et cetera.'

A Republican operative in Iowa reacted Friday afternoon, saying: 'Poor Joe. He thinks he still has Mike Pence's job! He's definitely not getting Donald Trump's.' 

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