Shapiro Goes HAM on Fauci: 'Are You Out of Your Damned Mind?' [VIDEO]

Like many Americans, Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has HAD it with Dr. Anthony Fauci and his advocating for mandated masks until there is a zero percent risk of COVID-19.

The host of ‘The Ben Shapiro Show’ slammed him for that, stating that it is “an absolute crap, idiotic, unscientific idea” to mandate masks like that.

“OK, so when we’ve learned to defeat death generally you can leave your house,” Shapiro said sarcastically. “When the risk of the virus does not exist? Are you out of your damned mind?!”

Here’s the interview transcript:


The Biden administration continues to ratchet up, it’s a one-way ratchet, in terms of how worried we’re supposed to be— we’re never supposed to get less worried, we’re always supposed to get more worried. So now we have Anthony Fauci saying, he was asked by Brett Baier, “so when can the masks come off?” You know, we’re now rolling out these vaccines, over a million a day, people are getting the shots, when can the masks come off? 


“If we can get, and I have used this as an estimate, it’s not definitive, but if we can get 70 to 85 percent of the population vaccinated and get to what we would hope would be a degree of herd immunity, which really is an umbrella or a veil of protection against the community, where the level of virus is so low, it’s not a threat at all, then at that point you can start thinking in terms of not having to have a uniform wearing of masks.


OK, it’s that last sentence that is insane. “When the virus, the risk of it does not exist, then you can take off the mask.” OK, so when we’ve learned to defeat death generally you can leave your house. When the risk of the virus does not exist? Are you out of your damned mind?! We’ve shut down the entire world economy for a year for a disease that mainly kills people over the age of 70. And you can make the argument that that’s a good idea and you can make the argument that it’s a bad idea. I will tell you what is an absolute crap, idiotic, unscientific idea: the idea that the virus is going to have a zero percent risk rate — a zero percent risk rate — and that is when you can take off the mask. 

You know when people are going to take off the masks, seriously? People are going to take off the masks after they get the shots. It is that simple. On a practical level, once people have the shots, they are going to say, “I am done with this, and I am taking off the mask. And I am not gonna stay away from grandma, I am not going to stay away from parties I want to go to. If grandma is in a particular risk, like a super high risk, maybe, if I’m really worried, I might stay away,” but generally speaking, people have to live their lives. And this idea that we live in a bubble where risk does not exist and the risk from COVID is going to go down to zero before we all start taking off our masks? Nuts, nuts. It’s not going to happen. And you can see what’s going on in Tampa now. People who do not believe they’re at risk are not wearing masks. People who believe they are at risk are wearing masks.

People who believe they’re at risk are getting vaccinated. People who believe they’re not at risk are not getting vaccinated. Turns out people have individual judgment. But this notion that we are going to cram down mask-wearing on people until the end of time, when the risk is zero, is insane. It’s insane, and by the way, counterproductive because if I have to wear a mask forever, why bother getting vaccinated? Seriously, I’m 37 and I’m healthy; why bother getting vaccinated? If I have to wear a mask forever and the mask is supposed to protect the people around me from the risk of transmission, I can just skip the shot and wear the mask if we’re all going to be wearing masks until the end of time anyway. It’s idiotic PR, it is anti-scientific, and it is ridiculous. And this guy is the greatest doctor in the land.

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