Boy Genius: Teen Receives Master’s from TCU, Younger Brother Follows Suit

Wow! A 17-year-old in Texas is receiving his master’s degree from Texas Christian University (TCU). What’s just as impressive is that his younger brother, 14, is following in his footsteps.

Carson Huey-You accomplished his undergraduate degree at the age of 14 and is now he is the youngest student to receive a master’s degree from TCU.

“Outside of just school and academia, I’m really just a normal 17-year-old kid. I like playing video games, I have a dog, I have my brother at home, so, we have fun,” Carson said.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports:

Carson’s brother, Cannan, is 14, and an electrical engineering major at TCU.

“I get the, ‘How old are you?’ sometimes,” Cannan added.

“It’s obvious they are nerds,” their mother, Claretta Kimp, said.

Although she joked about them being nerds, she added that being a nerd isn’t bad. I would have to agree! The success of her sons is astonishing!

She said that she knew Carson was going to have a bright future from an early age. “By the time he was 2 years old, he was reading chapter books,” she added.

She homeschooled Carson until he began eighth grade, at age 5.

He started college at TCU at the age of 10, and his brother was right behind him a few years later.

Physics and astronomy professor Magnus Rittby said of the boys, “They were shorter, but they were almost equally smart as they are now, so I had to kind of equally assess if they were ready to go to college,” he added, “There is no limit. Not even the sky.”

Carson is not stopping his path at a master’s degree though. Now he is going back to TCU for his PhD. However, he does not have any set plans for a career yet.

“For me, I like physics and science in general because you get to understand the how and why of just a number of different subjects,” he said. “So really, just kind of digging into that rabbit hole and figuring out what’s going on behind equations or systems or whatever it is you’re trying to solve.”

Unlike his brother, Cannan expressed that his plans are to become an astronaut. “I think a lot of kids have that dream, for some reason, and hopefully I’m the one to accomplish that,” he said, adding a joke about his projects at home,“I have all of my Lego Star Wars sets spread out there.“

These boys are doing big things!