Sharpton Suggests Kamala Harris was 'Treated Badly' Because She's a Black Woman

MSNBC network host Al Sharpton (or should I say, not-so-Sharpton) had quite a lot to say about Senator Kamala Harris on Tuesday's broadcast of “Deadline."

Harris dropped out of the presidential race on Tuesday due to a lack of finances. While most of us are happy to see her go, Sharpton claims that she had to throw in the towel because of the racism and sexism that she faced.

“First of all, I think that she ran a great race. I think that she is a great candidate," he said. “But she is dealing with an environment where you have for the first time, that you have these kind of rules that are different.”

“Certain amount of money, certain amount of polling to be in the debates. And when you have a Tom Steyer who is fine, raised great issues, but this woman is a U.S. senator, was attorney general of the state and was a district attorney," Sharpton continued. "Steyer could come in and buy commercials and up his polling. And I think that the real problem the Democrats are going to have is the next debate, you have no black on that stage. The Democratic Party cannot have a stage where black voters do not see themselves reflected.”

He added, “Where they don’t see themselves reflected and expect that we’ll come out and vote in big numbers. You must have had black turnout, but we don’t turn up in the debate? There is something that is wrong with that, and some of us are not going yo be quiet about it.”

When host Nicolle Wallace asked if he believed Harris was treated “badly by the press?", Sharpton responded and said he absolutely believes so.

“I think she was definitely treated badly by the press. I’ve never seen a candidate taken apart the way she was in the last several days. Yes, there are organizational problems." he added, "Yes, there were financial problems. You have people on that debate stage with no organization at all, and the press is not writing about it.”

He says that he's never seen a candidate taken apart the way Harris was? Seriously? Has he not seen press coverage of President Donald Trump? The media tears him apart every single chance they get. They're like piranhas and he's a slab of fresh meat.

“I think again a lot of assessment has to be made how the media dealt with it, we have to look at the rules," Sharpton continued, “What are you going to say to black voters when they look at that stage, and nobody like them is there? The Democratic Party will have to look at that and deal with that because that is a problem.”

He concluded, “Women are held to a different standard, and black women especially are held to a different standard.”