Kamala Harris Dares 'Pathetic' Lawmakers to Look at Photos of Shooting Victims

Democrat 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris is on the struggle bus, and it just broke down again! While speaking on MSNBC's "Live" broadcast on Thursday, Harris talked about the shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, CA.

She attacked Republican lawmakers, and anyone else who supports our 2nd amendment rights. Not a smart move. Perhaps she did better work on her knees.

“Mitch McConnell needs to convene the Senate," Harris raged, "We have a bill that recognizes that we don’t need to take everyone’s guns, but we need to have smart gun safety laws. And they have been a failure, Stephanie, a failure, of the United States Congress to have the courage to act. It is pathetic"

"I dare them to look at the autopsy photos..."

She continued, "It is pathetic that people yield to a gun lobby on an issue that affects all of our children. These babies and I mean those elementary, middle, and high school kids could care less who their parents voted for. They’re terrified, and we need to act. This is outrageous.”

“I have looked at autopsy photographs. I have hugged the parents of murdered children. This has to stop being a partisan issue, an intellectual issue, an ideological issue. I dare the people that stand on circumstances." Harris added, "I dare them to look at the autopsy photos of their babies, I dare them, and then vote their conscience. Enough. Enough.”

She is appealing to the bleeding hearts of America without stepping back and taking into account that there will always be criminals out there who will do whatever they want. Taking guns from law abiding citizens means only criminals will have them.

THAT sounds like a bigger problem to me.