Sharpton: Trump is Trying to 'Totally Disassemble' America

MSNBC host Al Sharpton said on Wednesday’s broadcast of the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” that Donald Trump is trying to "disassemble" the United States by way of calling out the FBI for investigating him.

That statement alone is totally absurd considering that the whole investigation and impeachment inquiry is bogus!

Sharpton said about the trial, “If the citizens start emailing and putting pressure on their senators to go by the evidence and not the party, we don’t know what could happen. We don’t know what may come out of the trial.”

“When you have a president who last night went to Pennsylvania and called the FBI scum for investigating him and Russia when there was a clear report by the inspector general that there was a basis for investigation," he continued, "We’re looking at the total upheaval of government. Who would have ever thought that a president of the United States would undermine and use such language against their own FBI agents?”

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“We are looking at someone who wants to totally disassemble the way this country has been built and established and establish it on a premise that is not fair and equal for all," Sharpton added.