Target Reopens Looted Minneapolis Store, Strives to be 'Less Racist'

Target has finally re-opened its Minneapolis store that was looted and destroyed during the riots for George Floyd more than five months ago.

They also have a new goal to be less "racist" to the people who looted and rioted.

*scratches head* 

The store announced that they will be stocking more produces made by black-owned companies, and also implemented a new "racial justice committee" whose purpose is to rebrand their reputation of appealing to white people.

Summit News reports:

According to a Bloomberg report, there is now a new “mural” at the entrance of the store and it has been completely remodeled by a contracting company owned by a Somali-American woman in order to make it more welcoming for black people.

One of those committee members, Stephanie Creary, assistant professor of management at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, said Target’s mission was to “reduce the impact of racism that is created from its operations.”

Chief external engagement officer Laysha Ward said the new ethos would be implemented across the country in the construction of new Target stores and the remodeling of existing ones.

“We’re really thinking about this relevant experience that is overtly Black and reflecting overtly Black needs and culture,” Ward stated.

According to the report, white residents in the local area previously avoided using the store, preferring instead to drive to another branch further away, and referred to it as “Tar-ghetto.”

Despite their attempts to be less "racist," they still added shutters in case of "emergencies." So basically, if the crowd they are catering to decides to destroy their store again.

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