Tennessee Man Arrested for Drunk Driving.....on a Horse

On Tuesday a Tennessee man was arrested for allegedly rising a horse while drunk, according to a report form WTVC.

John Arnold was arrested by Hamilton County Sheriff's Office when they received several reports on Tuesday night about an "intoxicated person on a horse."

It all came crashing down for Arnold when he was riding the horse down the middle of a dark fun and fell off the horse. All of these was seen by a deputy.

Arnold was arrested and charged with public intoxication.

Tennessee Man Arrested for Riding a Horse Drunk

It should be reported that the horse was taken back home and returned safely.

On Wednesday Arnold appeared in court and was ordered to serve three day sin jail since he put not only himself in danger, but also the horse and drivers. This is according to a local news outlet.

It should come as no surprise that Arnold has a long history of criminal activity. He has already been arrested for public intoxication before and also driving under the influence.

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Arnold currently has his license suspended. So at least he drove a horse instead of a car.