The Iconic Hamburglar is Back to Reveal New Items on McDonald's Menu

McDonald's is sizzling with excitement! They're unleashing new, improved Big Macs and Double Cheeseburgers. And guess who's back? The one and only Hamburglar.

It all began in 2020. McDonald's was on a mission: make their top burgers even better. Now, the results are zooming into stores this Monday.

Chef Chad Schafer, the culinary maestro at McDonald's, spills the beans to "Good Morning America." It's all about the details. More sauce on the Big Mac. Buns that are fluffier and toast like a dream. They've even changed how they grill the beef - six patties at a time, not eight. And those onions? They're tossed in with the patties to soak up all that juicy goodness.

Consistency is key, according to Schafer. These tweaks are what make the magic happen.

But wait, there's more! McDonald's isn't just about burgers. They're introducing two tongue-tingling condiments: Sweet and Spicy Jam and Mambo dipping sauce.

Chef Wayne Kuhl, another McDonald's flavor wizard, tells "GMA" it took over a year to perfect these sandwich changes. Small tweaks, big flavor boosts.

Remember the Quarter Pounder revamp in 2018? Fresh beef, cooked to order. And who can forget the McCrispy, launched in 2021?

Now, the iconic Hamburglar is zooming back into action, announced by McDonald's marketing guru Tariq Hassan. He's not just returning; he's bringing a whole new game.

Meet the Burgercuda, Hamburglar's flashy new ride. A 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, but with a twist. Think burger-themed everything, from sesame seed hubcaps to a burger warmer in the console. And his classic "RBL RBL" on the license plate.

This isn't just a car; it's a ticket to fun. Spot the Burgercuda, scan the QR code on its bumper, and bam! You could score McDonald's Arch Cards, cool Hamburglar gear, and more.

Get ready. McDonald's is flipping the script, and Hamburglar is leading the charge. Catch them if you can!