WATCH: Tennessee Mom Charged After this Despicable Facebook Live Video Goes Viral

A Tennessee mom has been charged after her Facebook Live video went viral. In the video she was smoking in the face of her one-year-old daughter and also using her as exercise equipment.

On Sunday Tybresha Sexton was arrested at her Chattanooga home after her video was reported to the police by several people. The Facebook Live video lasted thirty minutes long and also included her picking up and dropping the baby multiple times.

The disgusting video also showed Sexton holding the baby in one hand and smoking in the other.

Tennessee Mom's Disturbing Facebook Live Video

According to a report from the police when the officers arrived Sexton said she "didn't want that f***ing baby anyway" and said she "already told them that."

She was charged with aggravated child abuse. On top of that she was also charged with disorderly conduct.

When the police first arrived at Bayberry Apartments on Sunday, Sexton claimed the reports were false and let the police check on the infant.

The officer said they could smell alcohol on Sexton's breath and she was making statements that made no sense. There were also several empty bottles of liquor laying around the apartment.

While the officers were there several neighbors came to show the clip of the video to the police.

Another disturbing part of the video is when Sexton was shaking the infant and then picks her up by the arm and drops her.

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The one-year-old baby is now in the care of Sexton's mother. Sexton is due in court on October 4.

It's good to see the baby was taken out of this deranged woman's hands and hopefully the grandmother is able to provide the care she desperately needs.