Three MS-13 Members (Here Illegally) Stab Teen in the Neck

Three MS-13 gang members, who happen to be here illegally, have been arrested for stabbing a teen in the neck. Shocking, right?

Per ABC7:

According to police, Lopez entered the United States illegally on December 8, 2016. He was picked up by the Department of Homeland Security in October 2017, but a federal judge released him from custody in June.

Zuniga and Molina entered the country illegally as unaccompanied minors. Molina was picked up by DHS in July 2017 but released by a federal district judge in November 2017.

Three MS-13 members arrested

The left likes to pretend that there is no problem with illegal immigration in the United States. It's a huge problem and those who refuse to acknowledge it are lying.

Liberals like to spin it as if conservatives don't like immigrants at all or hate foreigners. That's not the case at all. The right just wants immigrants to enter the country legally and not be such a drain on the system.