Trump: Coronavirus Lockdowns 'Do Not Prevent Future Infections'

On Monday, President Donald Trump reiterated that the coronavirus lockdowns were never meant to be a long time or permanent solution to defeat the virus entirely. It was to allow the hospitals time to accommodate people, stockpile medical equipment, and study the virus and how to defeat it.

“It’s important that all Americans recognize that a permanent lockdown is not a viable path toward producing the result that you want, or certainly not a viable path forward,” Trump said.

The president pointed out how other countries, such as Spain and Japan, have strict lockdowns but are experiencing spikes in cases. “Lockdowns do not prevent infection in the future. They just don’t." He added, "It comes back many times. It comes back.”

Just like the flu and any other virus. We cannot live our lives indoors, wearing masks and bathing in hand sanitizer. That does nothing but hurt our immune systems. We need to be taking vitamins and supplementing, getting sunshine, and allowing our bodies to be exposed to germs. That's the only way to boost and build our immune systems.

After explaining how the lockdowns are doing more harm to our country than good, he also said that it is time to reopen the economy and schools in order to keep our country running.

“We must focus on protecting those at highest risk while allowing younger and healthier Americans to resume work and school with careful precautions,” the Commander in Chief said.

He commented on vaccines and treatments, revealing that the government sent 2,979 cases of Remdesivir, a drug developed to treat the virus, to states experiencing high cases, adding that positive cases have decreased by six percent.

“The virus is receding in hot spots across the South and West. We have seen slow improvements.” Trump added, “I urge all Americans to continue to socially distance, wash your hands, wear a mask when you cannot avoid crowded places, and to protect the elderly."

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