'Trump is Responsible': Beto Blames President Trump for Death of Salvadoran Father and Toddler Daughter

Earlier this week a Salvadoran father and daughter were found drowned on a bank of the Rio Grande River. Beto O'Rourke blamed President Trump for the deaths.

"Trump is responsible for these deaths," O'Rourke tweeted Tuesday evening. Of course the tweet is accompanied with the gruesome image of the two deat on the side of the river.

This comment came just ahead of the first Democratic presidential debate on Wednesday night. During the debate O'Rourke will square off against nine other Democratic contenders.

Democrats have been in an uproar ever since the photo went viral. They have used it as an opportunity to target President Trump and his immigration policies.

Beto O'Rourke followed up by calling out President Trump for refusing to follow laws:

Meanwhile it was not following the laws that created the death of this father and his toddler. They were attempting to enter this country illegally. That is lost on Beto, though.

Cory Booker also blamed President Trump.

Of course Elizabeth Warren also used the tragedy as a chance to attack President Trump.

"A government that can't tell the difference between a threat posed by a terrorist, a criminal, and a little girl, is not a government that is keeping us safe," Warren said while speaking at a town hall meeting Tuesday night in Miami.