Trump's Niece Looks for Quick Buck with 'Tell-All' Book

President Donald Trump's niece, Mary Trump, appears to be looking for a quick payout with a new tell-all book.

The daughter of Trump's deceased older brother, Fred Trump Jr., plans to release "Too Much and Never Enough" just weeks before the Republican National Convention, according to The Daily Beast.

She is also alleged provided New York Times with tax returns belonging to Fred Trump Sr., as well as other confidential financial information regarding the family.

The Hill reports:

Trump himself has repeatedly criticized the Times's investigation into his taxes, which reported that the Trump Organization and related businesses lost around $1.2 billion over nine years and was involved in "dubious" tax schemes during the 1980s.

House Democrats said at the time that the report was proof of the president's involvement in illegal tax activities and called for the release of his full tax returns.

The book also reportedly contains an interview with Maryanne Trump Barry, the president's eldest sister, The Daily Beast reported. Trump Barry has largely withheld thoughts about her brother's political career due to her status as a retired federal judge but reportedly reveals "damning" opinions about him in conversations with Mary Trump.

The book reportedly contains other “harrowing and salacious” stories about the president, according to sources familiar with her work, as well as details about the death of her father, including allegations that the president and his father, Fred Trump Sr., neglected him during key stages of his recovery from alcoholism.

How convenient of her to release the book as we near the next presidential election, in which Donald Trump has a high chance of being re-elected. I wonder who is paying her to release such information (that might not even be accurate) and how much they are paying.

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