Tucker Carlson Explains to Chris Cuomo Why He 'Went After' Them: ‘It Felt A Little Dirty’

Tucker Carlson opened up to Chris Cuomo about why he targeted him on his Fox News show. Carlson, co-founder of the Daily Caller, admitted his criticisms stemmed from a dislike for CNN. He confessed, "Because I'm a dick, probably," highlighting his disdain for the network.

Carlson expressed feeling conflicted about his actions. Despite his attacks on Cuomo, he admitted to feeling "a little dirty" about it. He described an "animal thrill" in doing something he knew was wrong, shedding light on his complex feelings.

Chris Cuomo, former CNN host, questioned Carlson's intent behind the frequent criticisms. Carlson's response revealed a mix of personal vendetta and professional rivalry. This dialogue took place during their first television appearance together since Carlson's departure from Fox News.

Tucker Carlson was known for his critical stance on Cuomo during his time at Fox News. Following his exit in April 2023, Carlson launched the Tucker Carlson Network. He now focuses on interviews and exclusive content.

Chris Cuomo, after his departure from CNN in December 2021, found a new home at NewsNation. His firing was related to advising his brother, Andrew Cuomo, during a scandal. Cuomo's move to NewsNation marked a significant shift in his career.

Following their respective exits from mainstream news networks, Carlson revealed Cuomo's supportive gesture. Cuomo was among the first to reach out to Carlson, showcasing a sense of camaraderie amidst their professional fallout.

Despite their past on-air conflicts, both Carlson and Cuomo shared experiences of turbulent departures from their networks. Carlson reflected on the nature of media relationships, noting, "It never ends well." This mutual understanding highlighted the unpredictable nature of their industry.