Tulsi Gabbard Turns Up Heat on Afghanistan Drone Strike: ‘American People Deserve Honesty’

On Monday, former 2020 Democratic presidential nominee and former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard turned up the heat on the Biden administration in regards to the drone strike in Afghanistan that killed civilians rather than terrorists.

She argued that the American people deserve the truth as to what is really going on.

“I mean, this kind of accountability is critical,” Gabbard told Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “I want to point out first that anytime there are civilian casualties in war, it is tragic and terrible. War is a terrible thing, and I think it’s important for the American people to understand that Islamist jihadists are continuing to wage war against us, and the Islamist ideology is not the same as the religion of Islam, but this Islamist ideology, which is a political ideology that inspired the terrorist attacks on our country on 9/11 is the greatest threat that we’re facing right now in this country and the world. It is the foundation of governance of so-called Islamic countries like Turkey and Iran and Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and it’s what’s behind the discriminatory policies that they have in these countries against Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, and others.”

“So as long as these Islamist jihadists are waging war against us, we have to work to defeat them, militarily and ideologically, and militarily we have two choices in how we do that,” she continued. “Number one, we can continue to invade and occupy and nation-build in countries around the world just as we did in Afghanistan at great cost. Number two, we can take a targeted approach using airstrikes, using our Special Forces to go in and go after these terror cells. The reality is that the cost to the American people, the cost to our troops, the cost to civilians will be far less if we take this very targeted approach to go after these jihadist terrorist cells than if we continue making the very same mistakes that we saw in Afghanistan and other parts of the world of invasion, occupation, and nation-building.”

“The American people deserve honesty,” Gabbard added. “They deserve leaders who lead with integrity and not those who shy away from their own responsibilities to the American people or look for a lower-ranking fall guy to take the hit. The American people deserve strong leadership that looks out for their best interests and the best interests of our country."

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Twitter Erupts With Conspiracy Theories After Mysterious Tab Appears by Joe Biden's Ear in Photo

A Getty Images photo of Joe Biden has surfaced that shows something that looks like a rectangular tab next to his ear. This photo has set Twitter ablaze.

If you look very closely it looks like it's his flesh color and there is hair going over it. I mentioned earlier that this photo is on Getty Images. It is actually for sale on their official site. The fact it is a Getty Image verifies that it is a non-PhotoShopped image.

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MSNBC's Scarborough: Vaccine Skeptics ‘Too Stupid’ - Need to ‘Wake Up’

According to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, people like me are "too stupid" to listen to doctors and science, and need to "wake up" when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Scarborough said that people who are skeptical to get the vaccine need to "be selfish" because their job "depends" on the vaccine.

“You know, it’s not just about health,” he said. “We’ve said it a million times...

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LA Times Columnist Jean Guerrero Accuses Larry Elder of Being a ‘White Supremacist’

Welcome to the year 2021, where African-Americans are being accused of white supremacy for simply opposing the Democratic way of life and running for office as a Republican.

On Sunday, Los Angeles Times columnist Jean Guerrero appeared on CNN and declared that California Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder has a “white supremacist world view,” which makes him a “real threat to communities of color.”

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VIDEO: Man Shoves Past Woman, Turns Back and Sparta Kicks Her Down Escalator

Holy cow! Chivalry in Brooklyn appears to be dead after surveillance cameras caught the moment a man Sparta kicked a woman in the chest, knocking her down the escalator they are both on.

The altercation started when the man shoved past her and she confronted him, tell him to "say excuse me." He turned and responded, "I did," and then proceeded to kick her in the chest….

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Commerce Sec Raimondo Claims ‘Nobody is Being Forced’ to Get Vaccinated

On Monday, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo told MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle that no one is being "forced" to take the coronavirus vaccine under President Joe Biden's unconstitutional mandates.

“I see this as a huge step forward to getting people back to work and finally recovering, having the economy recover," Raimondo said. “Getting vaccinated is cheap...

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Shocking Video Shows Monkey Sharpen Rock to Bust Glass Enclosure

Anyone remember the book "Animal Farm" by George Orwell? I can't help but get that feeling when watching the shocking video below where a monkey was caught on camera using a rock to bust out of his habitat.

Zoo visitors witnessed the monkey sharpen a rock and then use it to repeatedly hit the glass enclosure. After a few hits...

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MIC DROP! Rep Brian Mast: 'Ignore Biden’s Illegal Mandates Like He Ignores Immigration Laws'

On Thursday, President Joe Biden delivered a speech to Americans, in which he attacked anyone against vaccine mandates and completely dogged out anyone not vaccinated against COVID-19. He then laid out his tyrannical plan to force the experimental jab on every person in our country.

Biden revealed that he ordered the Department of Labor to force every business with 100 or more employees to require those employees to have the vaccine or submit to weekly testing, in addition to all healthcare workers, federal workers, and workers contracted with the federal government.

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Sen. Manchin Blasts AOC for Attacks That ‘Continue to Divide, Divide, Divide’

On Sunday, Democrat Senator Joe Manchin scolded fellow Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for using "awful" words that "divide."

CNN host Dana Bash said, "I’m sure you have heard your fellow Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said this about you in a tweet: “Manchin has weekly huddles with Exxon and is one of many senators who gives lobbyists their pen to write so-called bipartisan fossil fuels bills. It’s killing people….

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Levin on Fascist Joe: ‘the Closest Thing We’ve Got to a Dictator Yet’

Fox News Channel host Mark Levin blasted President Joe Biden on Sunday over his tyrannical speech about vaccine mandates and protocols.

Levin declared that Biden's attempt to force Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine makes him “the closest thing we’ve had to a dictator yet.”