Trump Reveals Shortlist of VP Possibilities With One Shocking Name On It

Former President Trump hinted that his vice-presidential shortlist includes six contenders, three of whom competed against him for the 2024 Republican nomination. Trump praised one potential running mate during a Fox News town hall in South Carolina.

The shortlist mentioned during "The Ingraham Angle" includes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sen. Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, Gov. Kristi Noem, Rep. Byron Donalds, and former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. Trump confirmed they are all being considered, describing them as solid candidates.

Despite a history of exchanges between Trump and DeSantis, the latter endorsed Trump but hasn't appeared with him since suspending his campaign. Ramaswamy, after ending his bid, endorsed Trump and has campaigned for him.

Sen. Tim Scott, having suspended his campaign and endorsed Trump, has been actively campaigning with him in South Carolina. Trump praised Scott's advocacy, highlighting Scott's support over his self-promotion.

Noem and Donalds, both staunch Trump supporters, and Gabbard, a critic of the Democratic Party turned independent, are also acknowledged by Trump as potential running mates.

The town hall took place ahead of the South Carolina primary, with Trump leading significantly over Nikki Haley, who affirmed her commitment to continue her presidential campaign despite expectations.

Trump dismissed Haley as a potential running mate, citing her significant loss in her home state and questioning her decision to stay in the race.