Viral Video Exposes Mainstream Media's Push for 25th Amendment on Trump

A viral video montage shows liberal media figures urging government officials to invoke the 25th Amendment on former President Trump.

NewsBusters video editor Bill D’Agostino created the montage. It highlighted media pushing the 25th Amendment narrative over 600 times during Trump’s presidency.

The Media Research Center published the larger report. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell suggested declaring Trump unfit less than a month after his inauguration.

In December 2017, "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough claimed a close Trump associate said the then-candidate had "pre-dementia."

Scarborough suggested everyone who’s known Trump for years said he has "mentally devolved." He questioned when it’s safe to discuss removing Trump from office.

A month earlier, Scarborough urged Trump’s cabinet and Republicans to use the 25th Amendment. "What is the cabinet waiting for?" he asked.

His co-host and wife, Mika Brzezinski, repeatedly pushed for the 25th Amendment, calling Trump "not fit to lead" and "not well."

Then-CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin discussed the issue in September, noting the 25th Amendment was allegedly discussed by Trump’s close associates.

Days later, comedian Bill Maher mentioned former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein reportedly floated secretly recording Trump and invoking the 25th Amendment.

Maher questioned why the 25th Amendment wasn’t used for Trump, calling his narcissism a "serious, dangerous, mental illness."

Other voices discussing the 25th Amendment included Don Lemon, "The View" hosts, MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle, CNN’s Carl Bernstein, James Carville, and CNN’s Dana Bash.

The media outcry montage comes as network personalities suggest replacing President Biden on the 2024 ballot.

Despite concerns about Biden’s mental acuity, most media figures downplay or ignore the 25th Amendment discussion for the current president.

Former assistant U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy called for 25th Amendment hearings on Biden after his shaky debate performance.

"I think it’s time to have 25th Amendment hearings," McCarthy said. "I don’t care much about the campaign when it comes to this issue. The ‘threat’ environment today is reminiscent of pre-9/11. It’s crazy to have someone non compos mentis as president."