Walmart to Cease Selling 'All Lives Matter' Products

Apparently Walmart has been selling "All Lives Matter" products on their website. Did you know? I sure didn't! I would have probably bought something if I'd known!

However, the mega store has reportedly announced that they will cease to sell those products on their website anymore according to USA Today.

“The nation’s largest retailer is removing the items which are sold by third-party sellers ‘indefinitely,’ after hearing from some employees and customers who were concerned about the meaning behind the merchandise,” the media source.

“However, as we listened, we came to understand that the way some, but not all, people are using the phrase ‘All Lives Matter’ in the current environment intentionally minimized the focus on the painful reality of racial inequity,” read a statement from Walmart.

Breitbart reports:

Last week, social media users reportedly accused Walmart of “mocking” the Black Lives Matter movement by selling shirts that had phrases such as “Irish Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” printed on them, according to CNN.

As of Tuesday, the company’s website still offered both versions of the T-shirts.

Walmart’s President and CEO Doug McMillon announced June 12 that the company was working to “create a more diverse and inclusive team at Walmart at every level.”

He continued:

While we will first look to address racial inequity through these business initiatives, we will also extend and accelerate our impact on society through the new center for racial equity. One of the center’s primary responsibilities will be to direct the $100 million commitment to support philanthropic initiatives that complement Walmart initiatives to shape the four national systems we’ve identified above.

This combination of actions will get us started on this next phase of our journey in support of racial justice and equity. We will continue to benefit from the many ideas and insights we have received and notes of interest from associates across Walmart who want to contribute to this work. We will also be providing opportunities for participation through listening sessions and surveys.

“Black Lives Matter. It is all our responsibilities to embrace that fact in what we say and what we do. There’s no way to live our values if we don’t,” McMillon added.

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