Walmart Will Pay Up to $500 Settlement: Get Paid Without Even Showing a Receipt

Walmart's false advertising payout hits millions. The grocery giant settles, offering up to $500 per shopper. Bagged citrus and meats overcharged, says lawsuit. Shoppers feel the pinch from October 19, 2018, to January 19, 2024.

"We deny but let's settle," says Walmart rep. June 5, last call for payouts. How to cash in? Here's the deal:

Mesh bagged fruits like oranges under scrutiny. Got receipts? More cash for you. Claimants can score 2% of the weighted goods' total price with proof. The max payout? A cool $500. Act by May 22 to keep your legal options open.

If you do not have receipts you can receive a settlement between $10 and $25.

Online filing makes it easy. Don't miss out on your slice of the settlement.

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