Watch: 250 Amish Men Relocate Barn Across Farm with Their Bare Hands

Oh my word....When I tell you my jaw hit the ground...I honestly wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen a video!

The Amish community is tightly knit, and they help each other when they can. If that means relocating it across the farm, by hand, then that’s what they do!

As you may know, the Amish avoid technology for the most part, and are not allowed to own any electronics. Which means moving the barn with machinery was out of the question,

Little Things reports:

Early one morning in March 2019, hundreds of Amish people traveled via horse-drawn carriages to Joseph Hochstetler’s farm in Knox County, Ohio. They were there to complete one mission: to move the pole barn from one side of the farm to the other, completely by hand, in the dead of winter.

Approximately 250 men gathered around all four sides of the barn and began to lift and walk it… all in one single piece. The women watched as the men maneuvered the giant structure, commenting as they twisted and straightened the barn until it was safely placed in its new position across the field nearly 200 feet away.

That’s right. It took 250 men to lift a barn and move it almost 200 feet away! A task that I would have never even fathomed to be possible.

Watch for yourself: