WATCH: Bernie Sanders Endorses His Presidential Candidacy in Front of Empty Shelves at a Grocery Store

Bernie Sanders has always been a little off, but this takes things a step further. The Vermont Senator was joined by Rep. Rashida Tlaib in front of empty shelves at a grocery store to talk to reporters.

This strange event went down at the Brightmoor Food Pantry in Detroit. The purpose was to show the shortage of bottled water in the city. This is a result of residents not paying their bills and their water services being shut off.

“Here in this campaign, we hear the word socialism a lot. Well, what this is a perfect example of is socialism for billionaires, massive amounts of subsidies and tax breaks,” Sanders said, standing in front of empty shelves. “But for children, there’s not enough money for a decent education and for poor people, there’s not an ability to get clean drinking water.”

At least one reporter took notice of this image is closely related to the failures of socialism:

More on the story from Daily Caller:

In Venezuela, the government has used food shortages to justify conscripting citizens as peasant farmers and controlling what bakeries can produce. More than 50 countries urged the socialist country to request international aid due to the scarcity of food and medicine — that has led to starvation and disease in the once prosperous South American state. In a futile attempt to remedy the situation, the government even ordered the military to control and distribute the food supply.

At his visit to the empty shelves in Detroit, Sanders took the opportunity to criticize one aspect of last weekend’s daring al-Baghdadi raid, with the senator saying, “That mission was accomplished by information supplied by the Kurds and as we know [President Donald] Trump has turned his back and betrayed the Kurds — something I think will have a negative impact only in that region of the world but in terms of our relationship to our allies.”

Sanders recently declared that Democrats who want real change should support him because left-leaning Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren still calls herself a capitalist while Sanders said, “I’m not.”

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Bernie's chance to win the Democratic nominee was in 2016. His time came and went. Now he's doing desperate attention grabs to get people to look at him.