Watch: BLM Protestors Put Guillotine with Trump Dummy Outside White House

What is wrong with people? I detested everything former President Barack Obama stood for with every fiber of my being, but I NEVER once wished for his death.

The left is utterly disgusting. It's not enough that they dislike President Donald Trump, they feel the need to make nasty remarks and threats about both the president and his supporters.

Take Kathy Griffith for example. She posted with what appeared to be Trump's bloody, severed head...and she paid for it with her career.

Here is a video posted to twitter of Black Lives Matter protests in Washington D.C. in which a guillotine is set up with a dummy made to look like the president. The dummy is gagged and set up with arms across the chest and the neck exposed for the blade to drop.

How is that not a threat to the life of the president? If something like that was EVER set up with a dummy of Obama then there would be outrage. The left would cry that it was a racist threat and would have rioted.

Yet here we are, with no media coverage and no outrage because it was only about Trump.

I am OVER the sick, double standards.

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