WATCH: Border Patrol Council VP Calls BS on AOC Border Facility Claims, Tells Her to Release the Video

On Monday Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez toured the facility in El Paso, Texas that is used for holding illegal migrants.

After the tour, Ocasio-Cortez had a lot of negative things to say about how the people were treated there. Now details are surfacing on how Ocasio-Cortez behaved while on this visit. According to Homeland Security reporter Anna Giaritelli, AOC screamed at the law enforcement agents "in a threatening manner." Also she refused to tour the facility.

Giaritelli also provided information on Ocasio-Cortez's claims that the migrants were drinking water from the toilet:

Many will claim that Giaritelli has it out for the Democrats. Well, there were 13 other House Democrats along with their aides on this trip and according to her reports only Ocasio-Cortez behaved in this manner.

Border Patrol Council Vice President Hector Garza appeared on Fox News on the Ingraham Angle. He called BS on AOC and called for US Customers and Border Control to release the video of her visit. He said if it's released it will prove that AOC is not being truthful.

Garza isn't the only person who thinks Ocasio-Cortez is lying. Rep. Chip Roy called her out to release proof of the claims she made about the facility on the border.

Political analyst Mike Cernovich has a solution for AOC: Make a sworn statement under oath with regards to what she saw. It's a very serious issue and if things like that are really happening then they need to be addressed.

It's a great point by Cernovich. If this is going down at the border then warrants need to be issued and arrests made. On the other hand, if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is lying, then she needs to be punished.

It's well-known that she loves to stir up drama at the border. If that's what she was doing this time, then it came at the expense of the reputation of others and she needs to face consequences for it.