WATCH: David Harris Jr. Begs Black Churches to Fight For the Lives of Black Babies

David Harris Jr. has cultivated a big-time following on social media by sharing his personal as well as political views on social media. Harris Jr. is also a best-selling author.

The black conservative has published many viral videos on social media. Many of them have been about issues in pop culture while others are just videos of him talking about his faith and life.

In his most recent viral video, Harris Jr. talks about the impact Kanye West finding his faith in Christ has had on our culture.

In the video David Harris Jr. questions where the black church has been when it comes to "all of the abortion in the black community."

"Where has the black church been? Where have the black leaders and pastors been? That they haven't said a damn word about all of this abortion in the black church and community, where have they been?"

"It takes someone like Kanye West to have a heart change from God to declare they're making us kill our own babies. Where has the black church been?"

This is a man who is clearly speaking from passion on the issue. Harris Jr. is a man who was raised in the Christian faith and feels very passionate about abortion.

“We were brought up with a strong understanding that abortion is murder. I never wavered from that,” he says.

Kanye West is definitely bringing the discussion of Christianity to the masses. His recent album is a Christian album and it is being greeted with popularity unseen by Christian music.

What do you think? Is God using Kanye West's talent to wake up a generation to God's grace and goodness?

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It's great to see a musician have the strength to come forward and embrace his passion for Christ. And it's also great to see David Harris Jr. take the baton and run with it.

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