Kevin McCarthy Demands Apology From Nancy Pelosi ' It's a Question Whether She Should Stay in Her Job'

GOP House minority leader issued a statement on camera where he demanded an apology from Nancy Pelosi and suggested she should step down from her job.

What a wreck the Democratic Party is.

They've done all they can to try and smear President Trump, because they can't get anything even approaching a good candidate for 2020.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats thought it was a good idea to run with a bogus "whisteblower" story. The fake story claimed that President Trump forced the Ukraine President to investigate and his antics in Ukraine, along with his son Hunter.

Up until yesterday Pelosi wasn't on board with impeachment. Suddenly she became very trusting of a fake "whistleblower" who had no idea what was said on the call between President Trump and the Ukraine President.

President Trump responded by releasing the transcript of the call. It provided all of the evidence needed to prove he can't do anything illegal. It even showed that the Ukraine President is eager to investigate Biden and the rest of the Democrats for fraud.

GOP House minority leader Kevin McCarthy didn't pull any punches when he released a statement on the issue. He demanded for Pelosi to apologize to America and he questions whether she should even remain in her job.

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As 2020 draws nearer, the left comes off more and more desperate.